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Retirement plan tools for advisors

Empower financial futures with our tailored suite of tools and resources. Craft robust defined contribution plans for your sponsor clients and help boost retirement readiness for participants.

Drive plan success

BlackRock's technology analyzes plan features to help you test “what-if” scenarios to see how specific changes could help participants meet their objectives.
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Identify plan goals
Increase your value by helping your clients with investment selection that aligns with their plan goals, objectives, and the investment policy statement.
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Sharpen plan design
Help your clients advocate for change based on data-driven insight into the biggest areas of opportunity for their retirement plan.
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Evaluate investments
Distill plan-specific data into clear, easily understood visualizations and data-driven projections of potential retirement outcomes.

Future in Focus® Tool

Our interactive tool can help you see where a plan stands and explore potential changes in a matter of minutes—all with just a few straightforward inputs.
Future in Focus

Evaluate target date funds

Target-Date Radar

Designed to arm advisors with objective and detailed criteria to help plan sponsors make the target date fund choice that best fits their needs. Request the funds you’d like to compare, assess specific characteristics and build client-ready customized reports.
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Educate participants


Deepen relationships

Brand & Share Tool

Show clients and prospects the value of what you do. Easily download our client-friendly participant communications to use in sponsor client conversations and to bring virtual meetings to life.
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Let us show you around our library of tools to help you elevate your retirement plan practice
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