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What’s New: Access More Model Portfolios with iRetire

BlackRock Model Portfolio - What's new

Now iRetire gives you access to the full suite of BlackRock model portfolios – giving you greater flexibility to customize your client’s investment choices as you help them build toward their retirement income goals.

Money Management Institute: Industry Awards Winner

The award-winning* iRetire platform enables more efficient conversations around retirement so your clients understand where they stand relative to their goals and how their choices today can potentially impact their outcomes later.

iRetire technology can help improve how you guide clients to retirement

More productive conversations
Illustrate the impact of tradeoffs to help clients make informed decisions about saving, spending, and investing.
Efficient planning and reporting
Better leverage your time by instantly producing easy to understand, downloadable results in three
simple steps.
Engage clients and prospects
The iRetire tool can be effective as both a conversation starter with prospects and as a re-engagement tool with existing clients.

What makes the iRetire tool unique?

iRetire is led by financial advisors, incorporates diversified investments and allows for engaging advisor-client discussions.

Aladdin CoRI by BlackRock

The iRetire tool leverages BlackRock’s innovative CoRI® methodology to help you create a robust and versatile retirement-focused investment plan. Investment selections are monitored using the analytic power of BlackRock’s Aladdin®, the same risk technology relied on by many of the world’s largest financial institutions.


iRetire investment options

The investments available through the iRetire® tool are built with a diversified combination of holdings based on some of BlackRock's best thinking, available in BlackRock Model Portfolios, BlackRock mutual funds, and iShares ETFs.

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Model Portfolios

BlackRock’s suite of model portfolios gives advisors a flexible approach to address client needs. These scalable model portfolios are designed to help advisors simplify asset allocation, deliver a consistent investment process, and concisely explain the rationale to clients.

Target Allocation Funds

The Target Allocation suite consists of four single-ticker diversified mutual funds that blend BlackRock mutual funds and iShares ETFs, designed to make implementation easier while tapping into the knowledge and investment expertise of BlackRock professionals around the globe.

iShares Core Allocation ETFs

Each iShares Core Allocation Fund offers exposure to U.S. stocks, international stocks, and bonds at fixed weights and holds an underlying portfolio of iShares Core Funds. Investors and advisors can choose the portfolio that aligns with their specific risk considerations like investment time horizon; for example, those with longer investment time horizons may consider the iShares Core Aggressive Allocation ETF.

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