Alternative investments: myths & misconceptions

A lot of misunderstanding surrounds alternative investments. Some investors still think of them as high-risk, exotic funds reserved for ultra-high-net-worth individuals and institutions. However the reality is that alternatives have a place in nearly every portfolio.

Tomorrow’s alternatives platform

Sarah Hudson, Head of Product Strategy for the Global & UK Fundamental Active Equity Teams, discusses the myth of liquity in alternative investments.

Nicolas Nussbaum, Head of Hedge Fund Distribution in EMEA and Head of the Geneva Office, discusses the myth of cost and return discrepancy in alternative investments.

Brianna Barrett, Head of the EMEA Strategy for BlackRock Alternative Advisors, debunks the myth that alternative investments are inherently more risky than traditional asset classes.

James Bristow, Lead Portfolio Manager for the Global Equity Absolute Return Fund, discusses the myth that alternative investments cannot deliver a genuinely uncorrelated set of returns over time.