Real Assets

Real assets are a combination of real estate and infrastructure

Real assets represent one of the fastest growing segments within the broader global alternatives environment – potentially delivering a range of portfolio benefits.
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Capital at risk. All financial investments involve an element of risk. Therefore, the value of the investment and the income from it will vary and the initial investment amount cannot be guaranteed.


Why BlackRock for real assets?

At BlackRock, our dedicated Real Assets team of industry and sector specialists deliver global reach, with deep local expertise. They have decades of relevant experience, are deeply embedded in their operating industries by sector and geography and have developed strong partnership networks over time.

Real assets statistics


Source: BlackRock, as of December 31, 2019.

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Strategies spanning the risk and return spectrum

In today’s dynamic and complex global investing market, we seek to help our clients’ access real assets that aim to meet their investment goals by providing a distinct range of well defined, outcome orientated strategies, along the investment risk - return spectrum.

BlackRock real assets strategies span the risk/return spectrum.

Source: BlackRock, as of March 31, 2019. For illustrative purposes only.

Real estate
We believe successful investing requires a local market presence with operational and analytical expertise to buy, manage and sell real estate.
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Real estate
At BlackRock, we seek to provide infrastructure investors with long-term, stable cash flows with potential for inflation mitigation.
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BlackRock’s latest real estate and infrastructure insights

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  • Infrastructure

    Real assets in the year ahead

    13-Jan-2021 | By BlackRock
    Read our 2021 Global Real Assets Outlook for insights into how real estate and infrastructure investors can pursue their goals amid deep structural changes and an uneven global recovery.
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    Covid and the energy transition: Private perspectives

    The global transition to cleaner energy is a major investment theme. How is the pandemic affecting this deep structural change? Join our experts for a timely update on trends across the energy and power value chain.
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  • Infrastructure

    Winds of change: How to invest in renewables today

    21-Jul-2020 | By BlackRock
    We explore how to invest in renewables today as well as the role of this asset class in a total portfolio.
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    Renewables are proving resilient

    06-May-2020 | By BlackRock
    How well structured deals and the ongoing global energy transition can benefit wind and solar investments in the current downturn.
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    What’s ahead in APAC real estate?

    29-Apr-2020 | By BlackRock
    BlackRock’s Head of APAC real estate discusses Asia’s property markets in the wake of COVID-19 and how they may offer clues for markets elsewhere.
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    Inspecting infrastructure

    23-Apr-2020 | By BlackRock
    Join us as we discuss the pandemic and its economic fallout impacting global infrastructure markets
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    BlackRock raises US$5.1B for GEPIF III

    15-Apr-2020 | By BlackRock
    Infrastructure fund close marks the largest alternative asset fundraise in BlackRock history.
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    Windows on real estate

    Join our investors for views across regions and up and down the real-estate capital stack.
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    Global real assets outlook 2020

    27-Jan-2020 | By BlackRock
    BlackRock examines key themes for investors in 2020: a slowing cycle, accelerating change and the relative attractiveness of the asset class.
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Learn about real assets with the BlackRock Educational Academy (BEA)

At BEA, we make the case for Real Assets as part of your portfolio, considering real estate and infrastructure, the impact of sustainability and a lower carbon economy, as well as how debt can play a role in meeting your investment targets.

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Sessions now available on-demand

  • Global real estate market outlook

    28-Feb-2020 | By Steven Cornet
    Steven shares BlackRock’s real estate outlook by reviewing the current state of the global market and risks, megatrends that are intersecting the near-term outlook, the risks associated with searching for alpha.
  • Global real assets securities: real estate in liquid form

    20-Feb-2020 | By Mark Azzopardi
    Mark shares the benefits and disadvantages of investing in private versus public real estate and where are the trends and themes to help you make those investment decisions.

Global reach with local expertise

With over 400+ professionals in 27 offices managing over $50bn in client commitments3, BlackRock Real Assets partners with clients to provide solutions tailored to individual portfolio needs such as income, growth, liquid or balanced real assets outcomes.

BlackRock real assets’ global presence paired with local expertise

Source: BlackRock, as of December 31, 2018. For illustrative purposes only.



Jim Barry
Global Head of Real Assets
Jim Barry, Managing Director, is the Chief Investment Officer of BlackRock Alternative Investors (BAI) and Global Head of Real Assets.
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Anne Valentine Andrews
Deputy Head of Real Assets
Anne Valentine Andrews is a Managing Director and Deputy Head of Real Assets within BlackRock Alternative Investors.
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