Insurance and financial institutions

Insurance companies and financial institutions

BlackRock’s partnership with insurers spans over 25 years and is grounded in our tailored investment and risk management solutions which seek to help our clients navigate an ever-changing investment landscape.

Why insurance companies and financial institutions partner with BlackRock

Our deep understanding of the financial, accounting and regulatory complexities facing insurance companies is supported by an experienced team of former industry executives, actuaries and seasoned investment professionals across all major asset classes.

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Meet our team

Our insurance practice has more than 270 dedicated specialists globally, of whom 107 are focused on supporting more than 445 relationships in 38 countries from offices across the globe. This is representative of US$227bn managed in unaffiliated general account assets and US$158bn managed in sub-advised assets on behalf of our clients by 34 insurance-dedicated portfolio management professionals 1.

Charles Hatami
Global Head of the Financial Institutions Group
Charles Hatami, Managing Director, is the Global Head of BlackRock's Financial Markets Advisory and Global Head of the Financial Institutions Group.
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