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The events of 2020 have redefined how we meet with our institutional clients. We are pleased to offer you on-demand access to our virtual events and invite you to reach out if you’d like to join us in the future.

Flagship virtual events

Our flagship events in 2020 brought together senior BlackRock investors and thought leaders across sustainability, healthcare, government, policy and more.

Zach Buchwald: “Welcome to the BlackRock Future Forum Healthcare special from

I’m Zach Buchwald, head of BlackRock’s institutional business for U.S. and Canada and it’s my pleasure to welcome you here today.”

“BlackRock created the Future Forum as a means to exploring the big topics that underpin investment decision making and that impact all of our financial futures.”(10 secs)

Mark McCombe: “I've had the pleasure of sitting down with three incredible CEOs who are right in the frontline of dealing with this pandemic.” 

Dr. Albert Bourla: 1.3 billion doses for the year was a gigantic achievement. Already, we made clear that we were going to do 2 billion this year. 

Dr. Tomislav Mihaljevic: “We will not, we meaning the global population will not be able to control this disease until we control this disease in every corner of the world.”

Karen Lynch: “One of the areas that we are currently focused on, Mark, is just vaccine hesitancy and getting vaccines into the arms of the most vulnerable population.”

Anne Marie Schultz: “Coming out of the initial shock, many organizations were able to resume their pre-pandemic risk appetite and investment strategies.”

Erin Xie, Ph.D.: “If we look at healthcare valuation, the aggregate is actually quite attractive. I think as a sector, relative to broader market, it actually sits at a historical low.”

Belinda Boa: “The focus on China on domestic consumption that provides us with enormous opportunities in consumer.”

Lynn Baranski: “Some of the themes we see are focused on technology, consumerism, Medicare advantage, value-based care, and supply chain resiliency.”

Zach Buchwald: “At BlackRock, we remain optimistic for the future.”

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Zach Buchwald/Erin Xie Interview: Statistics referenced from CB Insights, January 2021; Credit Suisse Industry Primer, January 2021.

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