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Capital at risk. All financial investments involve an element of risk. Therefore, the value of the investment and the income from it will vary and the initial investment amount cannot be guaranteed.

Our latest insights

We partner with the BlackRock Investment Institute and thought leaders throughout our firm to provide investing insights and analysis across asset classes, investment strategies and borders.

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Macro and market views

Our outlook for economic growth, inflation, financial conditions and geopolitics.

Portfolio design

Practical guidance for long-term strategic allocation and portfolio construction.

  • Private markets 2020

    21-Feb-2020 | By BlackRock

    Our comprehensive guide to private markets offers a timely analysis of 13 distinct asset classes and sub-asset classes organized by three of the most common outcomes: capital growth, enhanced income, and stable income.

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  • Alternative investments in modern portfolios

    14-Jan-2020 | By BlackRock

    Over the past 25 years or so, alternatives have evolved from a small part of the portfolios of the world’s largest investors into a core holding.

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  • Bonds and ballast: testing the limits

    Read about how BlackRock views on the evolving fixed income landscape and on Chinese assets.

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  • The case for secondary allocations

    13-Sep-2019 | By BlackRock

    Secondary market exposure is now viewed as a permanent component of private market allocation by many institutional investors – here’s why

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  • Strategic asset allocation in an era of ultra-low interest rates

    BlackRock's portfolio construction framework can help investors build strategic asset allocations to navigate the challenges of ultra-low interest rates.

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  • In search of portfolio resilience

    We asked four senior investors from our multi-asset and fixed income platforms to share different approaches to a common goal: building truly resilient portfolios.

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  • Introduction to fixed income factors

    12-Jun-2019 | By Jeffrey Rosenberg | Tom Parker, CFA

    Factors have been one of the key drivers of risk and return in fixed income. We believe factor-based investing can help investors build better bond portfolios.

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  • Integrating sustainability

    31-May-2019 | By BlackRock

    As sustainable investing gathers pace, we see a growing push for the integration of ESG considerations into the investment practices of investors.

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  • Market risk monitor

    Read the latest market risk monitor from the BlackRock Investment Institute.

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  • Portfolio construction

    Explore the portfolio construction research behind BlackRock's modern framework for strategic asset allocation and building resilient investor-specific portfolios.

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  • 2019 Global Institutional Rebalancing Survey

    14-Jan-2019 | By BlackRock

    BlackRock asked 230 institutional clients, representing over $7 trillion (USD) in investible assets, how they plan to rebalance their assets in 2019.

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  • Market risk monitor - October 2018

    30-Oct-2018 | By Edward J. Fishwick

    The latest Market Risk Monitor assesses how the risk environment has changed over Q3 2018 and seeks to put the recent spike in volatility into perspective.

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Investment actions

Our latest investment ideas based on the current market environment, covering fixed income, equities, alternatives and multi-asset strategies.

  • GTAA: An overlooked driver of performance

    We explore the uncorrelated return profile and application of alternative data in our GTAA investment framework.
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  • Navigating the beta gap

    31-Aug-2020 | By Oscar Pulido | Pierre Sarrau
    Learn how multi-asset strategies deliver investment outcomes with more precision.
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  • Low risk, low inflation, low growth

    31-Aug-2020 | By Katelyn Gallagher | Ked Hogan, PhD | Philip Hodges, PhD
    Risk parity is well-positioned for a low rate, low inflation and low-growth environment.
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  • Winds of change: How to invest in renewables today

    21-Jul-2020 | By BlackRock
    We explore how to invest in renewables today as well as the role of this asset class in a total portfolio.
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  • A credit cycle like no other

    20-Jul-2020 | By BlackRock
    In a credit market transformed by Covid-19 and record stimulus, we explore investment opportunities amid significant sector dispersion and a likely wave of distress.
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  • Global real assets outlook 2020

    BlackRock examines key themes for investors in 2020: a slowing cycle, accelerating change and the relative attractiveness of the asset class.
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  • A climate scenario analysis of US insurers’ portfolios

    05-Dec-2019 | By Ashley Schulten | Ashwin Joshi, CFA | Laura Segafredo
    Here’s how investors can better understand climate risks and adapt investment strategies to manage them.
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  • Private equity perspectives

    02-Dec-2019 | By Colm Lanigan | Konnin Tam | Lynn Baranski
    Three leading private equity investors discuss strategies for creating persistent alpha in direct PE, secondaries and co-investments.
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  • Sourcing resilience in fixed income

    23-Sep-2019 | By Peter Gailliot
    We identify six themes that we believe are critical in helping to build those more resilient portfolios.
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  • RPI reform: The thin edge of the wedge

    26-Nov-2019 | By BlackRock
    Recent updates suggest an increased likelihood that RPI may be amended during the next 10 years to equal CPIH having a negative impact for some pension schemes.
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  • Insurance portfolio construction for alternatives

    23-Sep-2019 | By Mark Azzopardi
    Insurers’ complex liability profiles and regulatory and accounting constraints create additional portfolio construction considerations.
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  • Portfolio resilience through sustainability

    23-Sep-2019 | By Meaghan Muldoon
    We explore how insurers can enhance their resilience to climate change from both a physical and transition risk perspective, with data and scenario analysis as the common thread.
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  • Risks in the BBB-rated corporate bond market

    The growing size and declining fundamentals of BBB bonds may make investment grade corporate debt riskier than before.
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  • Raising resilience in strategic portfolios

    23-Sep-2019 | By Jean Boivin
    In our view, we believe it’s crucial to consider explicitly the uncertainty inherent in return estimates when building resilient portfolios.
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  • Global Insurance Report 2019

    23-Sep-2019 | By BlackRock
    BlackRock’s eighth annual global insurance survey offers insights on markets and portfolios from 360 senior insurance executives.
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  • Global real estate 2019

    BlackRock’s Real Assets research team consider the macro and micro drivers of real estate performance and how they influence portfolio construction.
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  • Electricity and climate infrastructure

    In the global push for climate-friendly infrastructure, no task is more central than the modernization of the world’s electric power sector.
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  • Global real assets outlook

    26-Feb-2019 | By BlackRock
    Attractive fundamentals continue to drive a great migration to the asset class, but a changing macroeconomic climate requires careful navigation.
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  • New horizons for private equity

    04-Feb-2019 | By André Bourbonnais
    With strong companies seeking stable, long-term capital and investors seeking long-term exposure to quality businesses, the stage is set for a new, more efficient approach to private equity investing.
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  • Forty years of manufacturing change

    01-Feb-2019 | By BlackRock
    In this Q&A, we cover the main chapters of the past four decades of Chinese reform, with a focus on current reforms and their investment implications.
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  • Emerging ESG Integrating sustainability in EMD portfolios

    06-Sep-2018 | By BlackRock
    ESG increasingly matters to emerging market debt (EMD) investors. We discuss the implications and explore how active managers may be able to accelerate the journey towards more sustainable investing.
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Our thinking on public policy issues and their implications for investors.

  • BlackRock’s Guide to LIBOR Transition

    This ViewPoint focuses on providing a status update on LIBOR transition, information on upcoming milestones, BlackRock’s transition planning, and other information to serve as a reference and guide for clients, industry participants, and stakeholders during the next critical steps of transition from LIBOR.
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  • Securities Lending Viewed through the Sustainability Lens


    This Spotlight explores the intersection of securities lending with short selling and investment stewardship through the lens of sustainable investing.

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  • Regulatory Developments in Europe: 2020 Outlook


    This ViewPoint summarises the key financial services policy developments impacting European retail investors, institutional investors, and distributors.

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  • Europe’s listed companies: their governance, shareholders and votes cast


    In this ViewPoint, we analyze the ownership of companies in the MSCI Europe index and examined the proxy voting of their 30 largest institutional shareholders.

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  • Towards a Common Language for Sustainable Investing


    In this ViewPoint, we review current global regulatory efforts to develop and implement more standardized terminology for sustainable investing, and we outline recommendations to increase clarity around (i) sustainable investment product naming conventions, (ii) corporate issuer disclosures, and (iii) sustainable economic activities.

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  • The Decade of Financial Regulatory Reform: 2009 to 2019


    In this ViewPoint, we examine financial regulatory reforms over the past decade, with a focus on the asset management sector. In addition, we look ahead and identify several areas that merit additional study from a systemic risk perspective.

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  • A path forward for CCP resilience, recovery and resolution


    This white paper, written by BlackRock and 8 other buy- and sell-side firms, puts forth 20 principles on CCP resilience, recovery and resolution.

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  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning in asset management


    In this ViewPoint, we explore the uses of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in asset management. We discuss use cases in the industry, and we suggest best practices for asset managers to factor into their operations and regulators to consider in their supervision of AI and ML.

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  • Creating better outcomes through lifetime Income

    17-Jun-2019 | By BlackRock

    This ViewPoint considers lifetime income solutions as a critical tool to pool longevity risk and help people effectively spend their savings throughout retirement. In this paper, we offer policy recommendations to facilitate the use of lifetime income products in defined contribution plans.

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  • Common ownership data is incorrect


    This Policy Spotlight examines the data used for asset managers' airline holdings in research on 'common ownership' and the relevance of index inclusion rules.

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  • Regulatory developments in Europe: 2019 outlook


    This ViewPoint summarises the key financial services policy developments impacting European retail investors, institutional investors, and distributors.

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