Family Offices and Foundations

Family Offices and Foundations

Our dedicated family office and foundations team leverages the resources, relationships and insights of the BlackRock to help family offices of all sizes achieve their objectives across a full range of private and public markets.

Why family offices and foundations partner with BlackRock

With an exclusive focus on asset management, BlackRock’s dedicated team of family office and foundations experts provide access to an array of investment opportunities across the risk-return spectrum. Our clients include a diverse list of single and multi-family offices, private foundations and endowments and consultants. Diversification and asset allocation may not fully protect you from market risk.

What we offer family offices and foundations

Working directly with the firm’s active equityfixed income and alternatives investment managers from around the world, BlackRock’s family office and foundations team leverages the business’ global presence to provide customised strategies for our clients. Furthermore, we dedicate substantial resources to our risk management platforms – such as BlackRock Solutions® - and collaboration between our risk and quantitative analysis group and investment professionals to monitor and help manage, although not fully eliminate, risk.

BlackRock’s scale and position in capital markets gives it differentiated access to investment solutions globally that it passes on to investors
Investment performance
Our managers focus on generating return rather than increasing AUM
Risk management
Leverage services offered by one of the world’s most sophisticated risk systems for portfolio management
We can be a thought partner delivering creative solutions tailored to your portfolio and family office needs