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Eyes on inflation overshoots

We see the drivers of the current U.S. inflation spurt as different from those that should produce a higher inflation over the medium term. Yet the inflation overshoot against a backdrop of accelerating growth as the economy reopens provides a test of the Federal Reserve’s new policy framework.

A long way from targets

Chart showing headline and core inflation against the Federal Open Market Committee’s projections

Sources: BlackRock Investment Institute, Bureau of Economic Analysis, with data from Haver Analytics, April 2021. Notes: The dotted lines show the Fed's projection for quarter-on-quarter core personal consumption expenditure for the fourth quarter in 2021,2022 and 2023. The data from the Fed's March 2021 Summary of Economic projections.

The chart shows headline and core inflation against the Federal Open Market Committee’s projections. We see three factors responsible for a near-term spurt in inflation: base effects that will distort year-on-year comparisons, global and local supply constraints and considerable pent-up consumer demand and excess savings.

All three effects are likely to be transitory, in our view, yet the surge in inflation has medium-term implications. Our view of higher medium-term inflation rests in part on the Fed sticking to its average inflation targeting policy framework, and looking to normalize monetary policy much more patiently than in the past. If inflation expectations were to become unanchored, inflation could start to rise in a more sustained manner.

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