Perspectives on water
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Perspectives on water

From investment risk
to human right

Often referred to as a global water crisis, water scarcity1 and water stress2 are ever more challenging for countries, communities and companies worldwide. This video series shares different perspectives on the water issue. Discover the first instalment presenting the financial risk of water stress. The second video in the series underlines the access to water as a human right.

Water as an investment risk

What can we as sustainable investors do, to integrate the effects of water stress into the risk, return, and impact outcomes across our portfolios?

Water as a human right

Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, former chairman of the 2030 Water Resources Group, Chairman Emeritus of Nestlé SA, shares his journey to the creation of the 2030 Water Resources Group and his belief that the access to water is a human right.

 1 “Water scarcity can mean scarcity in availability due to physical shortage, or scarcity in access due to the failure of institutions to ensure a regular supply or due to a lack of adequate infrastructure.”

Retrieved from, May, 2021

2 When a territory withdraws 25% or more of its renewable freshwater resources it is said to be ‘water-stressed’.

Retrieved from, May, 2021