Decoding big data to make good
investment decisions

André Bantli |10-Sep-2018

The investment business is fueled more by information than by money. While success used to be dependent on access to the largest amount of data, in the era of big data it is those that can efficiently analyse and use the billions of information points generated each day that have the advantage.

Be smart

The extent of data sets now at our disposal means we must be smart about their use. BlackRock's proprietary analytic tools and data processes, powered by artificial intelligence, allow us to exploit our access to varied public data sources to our advantage. We use everything, from market data to social media trends and weather patterns, to unlock the opportunities in global and regional equity markets.

Be active

One-off opportunities in regions or sectors may not be captured by passive funds, but taking an active approach can leverage them to your advantage. Our research-driven process, and powerful human-machine combination, enables us to react quickly to the information we have access to, and make better, more informed investment decisions.

This theory underpins our new range of equity funds, BlackRock Advantage. Our AI tools refine data sets and feed them into a model, which is built by our data programming expert portfolio managers. This model determines the investments that are made and those that are passed up, and is constantly monitored by the portfolio manager so it continues to optimise the data it receives to your advantage. 

To find out more about Advantage and its powerful human-machine powered investment process, or any other BlackRock product please get in touch. 


 Capital at risk. The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed. You may not get back the amount originally invested.

The datum that maps to an investment decision

  • Every day, investors, employees and other stakeholders across the globe express their views on companies online – in articles and blogs or on social media platforms. In isolation, they’re nothing more than one individual’s thoughts. Aggregated, they can be a powerful signal of a company’s prospects.
  • We see the extreme effects of a changing climate on the news or in the streets. A heatwave or hurricane might affect one community. Millions of weather data points combine into global patterns with significant impact on entire societies and economies.

Real-time social media tracking, investment blogs, atmospheric and oceanic trends are just some of the signals our teams feed into our investment process.

André Bantli
Managing Director
Head of Continental Sales for EMEA Retail