Markets Rebound Despite Rising Geopolitical Tensions

Markets staged a sharp rebound last week, ignoring the rising tensions in Ukraine. BlackRock Chief Investment Strategist Russ Koesterich suggests that energy stocks could offer a hedge if investors begin to pay attention.

One Fund, 25 Years: "Words to Invest By"

As the BlackRock Global Allocation Fund marks a milestone anniversary, the portfolio management team reflects on 25 years of investment wit and wisdom.

Emerging Markets on Trial

Gone are investor illusions the emerging world had miraculously become an all-weather source of returns. EM assets look cheap again – but is it safe to wade back in?

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The Shift Toward Value Continues
Russ Koesterich explains what's behind this shift as well as what it means for investors.

Yawn of an Employment Report? Think Again
Rick Rieder explains why the low number is alarming and what needs to change.

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