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Innocents Abroad

Over the past six years, U.S. investors have been rewarded for staying close to home. Russ Koesterich discusses why that may not be the case going forward, and why investors may need more international diversification going forward.

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QE: The Silver Lining of Slower Growth

Sluggish global growth represents a nagging headwind for stocks, but BlackRock Chief Investment Strategist Russ Koesterich discusses how, in some markets, that translates into the comfort of greater monetary stimulus.

Fixed Income Market Strategy

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

With its new guidance, the Fed went a long way towards closing the gap to market expectations. This is important in establishing the best possible environment for mitigating any potential negative market reaction to the first increase in interest rates.


The Return of Currency Volatility

Secular and cyclical factors have driven the U.S. dollar to multi-year highs against other currencies, particularly the euro and the yen. That has hurt the earnings of U.S. companies but provides tailwinds for exporters overseas whose currencies have weakened. We believe the impact of a strong dollar will be with us for some time and has implications for portfolios as investors reallocate away from domestic stocks.

BlackRock Investment Institute

UK Election Preview: Ruling Brittania

The UK faces its most uncertain election in a generation. Who will rule Britannia—and what does it mean for UK fiscal policy and asset prices?


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Market watchers worried about a soft 1Q earnings.

12 Month Change in US Equity Earnings Estimates

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