State of California Update

California Directing a Blockbuster Comeback Story

California, home of Hollywood and blockbuster storylines, is directing a comeback story of its own. Peter Hayes and Jack Erbeck of the BlackRock Municipals Team offer an analysis and highlight areas of investment opportunity.

Market Perspectives

The Outlook for and Impact of Lower Oil Prices

Oil prices have plunged in recent months, surprising most investors, and creating uncertainty in the markets. Russ Koesterich discusses the outlook for oil prices going forward, and the impact on the economy and the markets.

Weekly Market Commentary

Diversification: An Antidote to Volatility

Chief Investment Strategist Russ Koesterich discusses how expensive valuations and high expectations are taking a toll in the U.S., and why this offers an important reminder of the importance of diversifying outside the U.S.

Point of View with Peter Hayes

What's in the Stars for Munis in 2015?

The municipal bond market posted a return above 9% in 2014, as the stars aligned in spectacular fashion for the asset class. Peter Hayes, Head of the BlackRock Municipal Bonds Group, offers his outlook for 2015.

Municipal Market Update

Munis Open 2015 With "Perfect Year" Momentum

After posting gains in December, the muni market was able to claim a perfectly positive year. BlackRock muni experts see 2014 momentum remaining intact as the new year begins.

BlackRock Investment Institute

BlackRock Sovereign Risk Index – 2014 Fourth Quarter

Economic growth and monetary policies are diverging across developed economies. How is this theme playing out in our BlackRock Sovereign Risk Index? A BlackRock Investment Institute publication highlights the key movers.

Shareholder® Magazine

Tips to Propel Your Retirement Plan

Are you saving enough for retirement? Is your investment approach getting you where you need to go? See how you stack up vs. investors who are well on their way to retirement readiness. This and more in Shareholder magazine.

2014 Survey Results

Investor Pulse Survey

BlackRock's Global Investor Pulse survey identifies four key findings on what investors are thinking and doing in the market. Understand each and how to take action.


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