Weekly Market Commentary

Search for Yield Takes Investors to New Places

Chief Investment Strategist Russ Koesterich discusses how economic data are favoring European equities for the first time in a while, and the search for yield is leading investors to look at Australia.

Municipal Credit Highlights

Budgets on the Mend, Infrastructure Needs Repair

America's aging infrastructure is in need of repair, and the municipal market has long been a major source of financing. But state and local governments remain budget constrained. BlackRock muni credit experts discuss this and more in their quarterly credit report.

Video: Rick Rieder's Bloomberg Appearance

What Does the Jobs Report Mean for Bond Markets?

Bloomberg interviews Rick Rieder, BlackRock's CIO of Fundamental Fixed Income, to discuss the most current jobs report, his outlook on interest rates and implications for fixed income markets.

Fixed Income Market Strategy

A Knight's Tail

The economic data confirms the Fed can exit its long-standing zero-interest-rate policy, says Chief Investment Strategist for Fixed Income Jeffrey Rosenberg. Read about this and more in the February fixed income update.

Market Perspectives

Can the Bull Market Continue?

With the equity bull market in its seventh year, investors are rightly concerned about its longevity. Russ Koesterich discusses the outlook for stocks going forward, how they can still move higher, and where we see value.

BlackRock Investment Institute

Crude Crash: Concentrated Pain, Widespread Gain

Oil prices are on a slippery slope. We delve into the prospects for the oil market, winners and losers—and key risks and opportunities in asset markets.

Municipal Market Update

Murky Macro Picture a Positive for Munis

Like other high-quality fixed income assets, munis benefited from global economic uncertainty and falling interest rates, notching a positive return in January. BlackRock muni team recaps the month and looks ahead.


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