Weekly Market Commentary

Staying the Course as the Fed Signals Its Direction

Chief Investment Strategist Russ Koesterich discusses how investors should be positioned as the Federal Reserve signals a gradual increase in interest rates.

Market Perspectives

Europe Rebounds?

Investors are rediscovering a taste for Europe this year. Russ Koesterich discusses the outlook for the eurozone going forward, and whether the opportunities outweigh the risks.

Municipal Market Update

2014 Ends in January, 2015 Begins in February

January represented a seamless continuation of 2014, but February brought more of what BlackRock’s muni team expects in 2015: greater rate volatility and uneven returns.

Unconstrained Investing

Your Goals Are Bigger Than a Benchmark

BlackRock offers investment strategies that set their sights beyond benchmarks, instead aiming for the outcomes - the real results - that matter most to investors.

Municipal Credit Highlights

Budgets on the Mend, Infrastructure Needs Repair

America's aging infrastructure is in need of repair, and the municipal market has long been a major source of financing. But state and local governments remain budget constrained. BlackRock muni credit experts discuss this and more in their quarterly credit report.

Video: Rick Rieder's Bloomberg Appearance

What Does the Jobs Report Mean for Bond Markets?

Bloomberg interviews Rick Rieder, BlackRock's CIO of Fundamental Fixed Income, to discuss the most current jobs report, his outlook on interest rates and implications for fixed income markets.


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