Complaint Handling Procedure – South Africa

Your client satisfaction is very important to us and to that end, BlackRock has in place a complaint handling process. If you think that we have not met your expectations with any aspect of the service you have received and you wish to complain, please contact us on:

Khoabane Phoofolo - Head of BlackRock Africa
Telephone: +27 21 403 6441

Sisipho Mafanya - Sales Support 
Telephone: +27 21 4036446

Blackrock Investment Management (UK), Cape Town branch
29 Stanley street
V&A Waterfront
Cape Town SA


At BlackRock, we take all complaints seriously and will investigate them according to the guidelines below. BlackRock is committed to investigating all complaints competently, conscientiously and impartially. If you are contacting us via email, you can support us in this by attaching all information or documents relevant to the matter to your correspondence to ensure that your submission is handled efficiently.

We will endeavour to clarify your request promptly and commit to the following actions upon receipt of a complaint:

• We will ensure that an employee of appropriate seniority, commences an investigation.
• You can expect to receive a written acknowledgement to your initial complaint no later than 5 business days.
• We will keep you informed of the progress of the complaint. This process is free of charge.

If there are any unplanned delays and we are unable to resolve your concern within 3 weeks after receipt, you will be notified and kept informed of the progress of the complaint. If the complaint has not been resolved within 6 weeks after receipt, we will send you a reply that explains why we are still not in a position to make a final response, also indicating by when we expect to be able to provide a final response.

If, after receiving a final response, you are not satisfied, you may also be eligible to refer this to the Ombud for Financial Services Providers (‘FAIS Ombud’). This must be done within 6 months of the 6 weeks notification from BlackRock.

Ombud for Financial Services Providers
Phone: (012) 762 5000
Fax: (012) 348 3447

For more information on how to lodge a complaint to FAIS, please visit, or FAIS website on