Strategic plan design

Your clients look to you to help identify opportunities for improvement to their plan. Suggesting change is one thing; quantifying the impact those changes can have on participants’ retirement readiness puts you in a position to drive action and demonstrate your value.

Help plans grow with Future in Focus®

BlackRock’s Future in Focus can help you offer data-driven analysis to support strategic design changes that may help your clients:

  • Increase low participation or savings rates
  • Drive retirement readiness
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the QDIA
  • Explore the impact of auto-enrollment or auto-escalation
  • Assess the impact of fees over time
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    Future in Focus Video Introduction Script

    If you could see into the future, today’s decisions would be much easier.

    When it comes to your DC plan, BlackRock may be able to help bring the Future into Focus.

    BlackRock’s new Future in Focus technology combines our deep understanding of the power of plan design with our risk analytics to give you a clear, quantifiable look at your participants’ retirement readiness.

    You can see how your current plan is preparing participants for retirement, identify changes that will bring the biggest benefits, and make informed decisions to help close the retirement income gap.

    Simply create a profile for a sample participant based on salary and expected retirement age.

    Add plan details such company match and default allocations.

    Now create “what if…” scenarios to test the potential impact of changes.

    Explore adding auto features, changing investment allocations, even reenrollment.

    In seconds, Future in Focus will give you a detailed look at the average retirement outcome, showing how changes could impact your participants’ retirement readiness.

    For the first time, get a quantifiable, data-driven view into the future focused on one question: Will it be enough?

    BlackRock’s Future in Focus technology unleashes the power of data  your data, based on your plan – to help you see where your participants are headed and the steps you can take, to bring Their Future into Focus.

With just a few straightforward inputs, you can understand how a plan’s specific default savings and investment features currently prepare participants for retirement. Then, you can explore custom ‘what if’ scenarios to identify changes that could have the biggest influence on participant outcomes.

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Help your clients boost plan savings

Through strategic plan design, advisors and plan sponsors can help employees save more. Use this form to gather the information you need to analyze the impact of potential changes to the plan.

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