Staying invested through the next pullback

Whether the recent return of market volatility reflects the short-term unwind of crowded longs, or the longer-term fear of inflation, the questions facing investors are the same: how much more room is there to run, and how does one stay invested when, not if, the next pullback occurs.

On April 4, Chief Equity Strategist Kate Moore, Portfolio Manager Russ Koesterich, Senior Portfolio Strategist Patrick Nolan and moderator Phil Vasan discussed how advisors can continue to capitalize on market upside while guarding against potential risks, and help communicate those risks effectively to clients.

Topics discussed included:

  • Our perspective on how changes in global trade will impact markets
  • The effect of fiscal stimulus on growth, particularly in the U.S.
  • How advisor portfolios performed in the first quarter – and the implications
  • Answers to live, viewer-submitted questions

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Our speakers
Kate Moore
Chief Equity Strategist, BlackRock Investment Institute
Kate Moore, Managing Director, is Chief Equity Strategist for BlackRock and is a member of the BlackRock Investment Institute (BII). She is responsible for ...
Russ Koesterich
Portfolio Manager, Global Allocation
Russ Koesterich, CFA, JD, Managing Director and portfolio manager, is a member of the Global Allocation team within BlackRock's Multi-Asset Strategies ...
Senior Portfolio Strategist, BlackRock Portfolio Solutions
Patrick Nolan, Director, leads the BlackRock Portfolio Solutions team's research efforts on portfolio construction strategies and trends.
Head of Investments and Portfolio Solutions
Philip Vasan is the Head of Investments and Portfolio Solutions for US Wealth Advisory at BlackRock.