Advisor Quarterly Webinar:
Finding reward among new risks

Start 2019 with a new webinar that features our market views for the year, along with portfolio and practice insights. BlackRock CEO Larry Fink kicks off the event, followed by a panel with senior investment and portfolio strategists who share their thoughts on balancing risk and reward in portfolios.

The unsettled markets carrying into 2019 are reacting to new economic and political realities. As the Fed nears a neutral stance and becomes less predictable while global growth decelerates, governments inject a geopolitical uncertainty that raises event risk for the markets. This new uncertainty makes it not only challenging, but also critical to continue capturing upside while managing downside risk.

Wednesday January 16th, 2019 
12pm ET / 9am PT

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1 CFP and IMCA credit eligible.

Discussion topics include:

  • Where quality assets can best help you stay invested in risk assets
  • Ten years into a rally: why equities and where?
  • Being ready: when the pace of growth slows
  • Answers to viewer-submitted questions
Our speakers
Larry Fink
Chairman and CEO
Laurence D. Fink is Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of BlackRock, Inc. He and seven partners founded BlackRock in 1988, and under his ...
Kate Moore
Chief Equity Strategist
Kate Moore, Managing Director, is Chief Equity Strategist for BlackRock and a member of the BlackRock Investment Institute (BII). She is responsible for ...
Rick Rieder
Chief Investment Officer of Fixed Income
Rick Rieder, Managing Director, is BlackRock's Global Chief Investment Officer of Fixed Income, and Co-head of BlackRock's Global Fixed Income platform, a ...
Patrick Nolan
Senior Portfolio Strategist
Patrick Nolan, CFA, Director, is a Portfolio Strategist with the BlackRock Portfolio Solutions Team. He leads the team's research efforts on portfolio ...
Head of Investments and Portfolio Solutions
Philip Vasan is the Head of Investments and Portfolio Solutions for US Wealth Advisory at BlackRock. He is a member of the Firm's Global Operating Committee.