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Tools to add scale, simplicity, and precision to your bond portfolios.

Why are advisors thinking differently about their bond portfolios?

Quality bonds have become harder to find, making it increasingly difficult to navigate the fixed income market. With heightened regulatory pressure and fluctuating rate environments, advisors are looking to scale their practices while ensuring each portfolio is personalized to their clients’ needs.
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Why BlackRock for fixed income?

As the largest fixed income asset manager2, BlackRock has direct access to bond issuers to make purchases at scale. This allows clients to potentially benefit from lower transaction costs and greater access to inventory.

Access an SMA Bond Ladder
Build a bond ladder
SMAs with exposure to individual bonds, starting at $100k*
Customize a Portfolio
Customize a portfolio
SMA bond portfolios built for each client, starting at $250k*
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What is a bond ladder?

A bond ladder is an investment strategy that consists of holding securities with different maturities, and reinvesting the income from matured bonds into new bonds. Bond laddering is a popular strategy among investors seeking steady returns and income, particularly when interest rate conditions are uncertain.

How does a bond ladder work?

Ladders can be funded with cash or your client’s existing bonds in order to limit tax consequences and maintain the integrity of the portfolio. As bonds mature at the bottom of the ladder, money is reinvested to a later maturity date, which typically offers higher yields.
How to make a bond ladder

Why Blackrock?

BlackRock offers bond ladders in multiple maturity ranges and can be customized to a client’s state preference*, giving them the flexibility to choose their desired exposure.

Customize your own bond portfolio?

Customize the base of your portfolio across fixed income type, investment horizon, and investment amount, as well as credit quality, state allocation, and duration. The tool provides insight into portfolio characteristics, interest rate scenarios and exposure analysis.

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