New tools to add scale, simplicity and precision to your bond portfolios

You know your clients’ financial goals best, but in today’s environment, it can be tough to find the right solution to fit each client need. Consider using BlackRock strategies and tools to help strengthen your practice.

Build with iBonds
Build with iBonds® ETFs
A scalable fixed income solution with low investment minimums
Access an SMA Bond Ladder
Access an SMA Bond Ladder
SMAs with exposure to individual bonds, starting at $100k
Customize a Portfolio
Customize a Portfolio
SMA bond portfolios built for each client, starting at $250k

Why are advisors thinking differently about their bond portfolios?

Today’s bond market is difficult to navigate. It’s harder to find quality bonds and regulatory pressure has only heightened over the past few years. Advisors are looking to scale their practices while ensuring that each portfolio remains personalized to each client need.

Bonds are getting harder to find* with muni bond inventory down 58%