Rebalancing act: adapting portfolios to changing markets

Managing client needs and finding the time to keep portfolio allocations aligned to long-term goals can be challenging in any market.

If you're looking for portfolio allocation ideas, model portfolios can give you a starting point so you can spend more time with clients while relying on insights from BlackRock Portfolio Managers.

Explore the latest market insights driving Target Allocation Model Portfolios as they adapt to current market environments.

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Views driving the latest Target Allocation model portfolio rebalance

Timely market analysis helps Target Allocation model portfolios adapt to current markets. These are our views as of March 2024:
Icn direction
We are optimistic on stocks and see an opportunity to tactically dial up active risk. Strong earnings and revisions have increased our interest in tech/growth exposures.
icn balance
We prefer US over international stocks and believe US companies could continue to flex their relative earnings muscle.
quality diamond
We see an opportunity in actively managed factor rotation and income-focused strategies, as they could benefit from their flexibility to nimbly navigate market conditions.
icn govt
We prefer emerging markets debt, tech-heavy convertible debt, and longer-duration fixed income over floating-rate US treasuries.

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How BlackRock model portfolios have adapted to markets

BlackRock's suite of model portfolios are built to navigate changing markets. We take a disciplined approach to portfolio construction and have a history of stepping in when it counts.
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How BlackRock helps you deliver during challenging times

BlackRock asked more than 300 financial advisors how COVID-19 market volatility impacted their practices. What we learned was not surprising: advisors who used model portfolios experienced a smoother ride for their practice and their clients.

of Advisors stated models helped stabilize their practice during COVID-19
of model users spent most or all of their excess time with clients and prospects during COVID-19
of model users won new business during COVID-19 volatility versus 69% who were not using models

Source: BlackRock. Survey Methodology Overview: In response to the COVID-19 induced volatility, during the week of 5/4/2020, BlackRock collected responses to a 15 question survey about wealth outsourcing (SMA & Models usage) experience and intentions from approximately 305 financial advisors across more than 10 independent and wire channel firms. The results above are a snapshot of the data collected as of 5/11/2020.