BlackRock international stocks

A weaker dollar, stronger earnings estimates and China reopening could mean more opportunities for international stocks.
Why consider international always
The average advisor managed portfolio is significantly overweight to U.S. stocks.1 U.S. equities are capturing less exposure to global growth and innovation year over year,2 making diversifying to international more important than ever.
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Why consider international now

International equity flows have been booming. It may be time to reassess your exposures.3
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Weakening U.S. dollar
Recent U.S. dollar weakness is fueling optimism for international stocks.4
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China reopening boost
As Covid restrictions are lifted, China’s economy is expected to grow more than 6% in 2023.5
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International earnings growth
Overseas companies have been retaining more earnings and analysts are estimating higher profits.6

Explore international investment opportunities

BlackRock offers a broad range of strategies that empower you to invest internationally in the
way that best meets the needs of your clients.

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