Q2 2020

Advisor Quarterly (AQ)

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Our insights for Q2

Market Pulse: Larry Fink
BlackRock’s Chairman and CEO recently joined our Market Pulse webcast to discuss his views on global markets, themes from clients across the globe, and long-term investment insights.
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Larry Fink
AQ Executive Brief: Q2 2020
What’s our perspective on markets now? How can advisors rebuild portfolios? And how can advisors talk to their clients? Here’s what you need to know for Q2.
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AQ Executive Brief: April 2020

Our key publications

2020 Global Outlook
COVID-19 is bringing the economy to a standstill and a contraction in growth, but we expect a recovery amid a decisive policy response.
Advisor Insights Guide
Advisor Insights Guide
How do your peers manage portfolios? See trends among more than 18,000 models, with a special feature on how advisors can rebuild portfolios after the shock.
Student of the Market
Student of the Market
This popular monthly digest looks back at history to uncover unique insights on markets yesterday and today.

Analyze your portfolios

How does BlackRock position portfolios?

Michael Gates, Head of Managed Portfolio Solutions, and Tushar Yadava, Strategist for Client Portfolio Solutions, explains how they’ve rebalanced BlackRock’s Model Portfolios amid volatility.

Access the allocations Access the allocations
Stand out from the crowd
Stand out from the crowd
Compare your portfolio to other advisors and see how you fare across attributes like fees, income, and more.
Explore model portfolios
Explore model portfolios
Streamline your investment process with a model as your base. Then, customize it with your unique view.
Test your portfolio
Test your portfolio
See how your portfolio might perform across three recovery scenarios amid a pandemic recession.

Resources for your clients

How markets affect you
How markets affect you – Q2 2020
Give your clients an overview of recent market activity and help position the value of your practice.
Presentation: The psychology of investing
The psychology of investing
Engage prospective or existing clients by telling stories and showing them the math behind common behavioral mistakes investors make.
Client service tool: Brand and share
Client service tool:
Brand and share
White-label commentaries and share with your clients – with your logo at the top of the page.
The Bid podcast
Uncover BlackRock’s perspective on market events and investment ideas. Every other week, strategists and portfolio managers discuss the latest on topics like geopolitics, sustainable investing, technology and artificial intelligence.
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AQ Conversations

Hear how BlackRock’s senior strategists explain key market and portfolio concepts to give you ideas on how to engage your clients. New ideas every quarter.

Building the business of the future

Elizabeth Koehler, Head of Advisor Insights, shares the three ingredients for growing your advisory business.

How megatrends will shape the future

Jeff Spiegel, Head of Megatrend ETFs, offers ideas on building resilience in client portfolios through long-term structural growth trends.