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Advisor Portfolio Insights

Learn how your peers are positioning their portfolios through discussions of timely portfolio construction trends and analysis of advisor portfolio data.

Advisor portfolio universe & trends

Explore our analysis of advisor models from across the industry using our Aladdin® risk management platform. Each edition contains advisor model data collected by BlackRock over the prior 12 months. Our Spring 2022 analysis of 19,886 models revealed:
Bond focus top of mind, but not yet reflected in portfolios
Despite increased conversations on fixed income, we have not yet seen meaningful changes to duration or credit quality across advisor models.
U.S. stock overweight remains alive and well
Advisors remain overweight stocks – especially U.S. stocks – and underweight bonds. Despite higher stock allocations, portfolio risk is lower than it was a year ago.
Portfolio yields starting to reflect rising rate environment
Average portfolio yields have increased slightly since last quarter, bringing yields in line with levels from a year ago.