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Advisor Insights Guide

We unlock insights from 19,202 advisor models from across the industry over the past 12 months.1 Every model has been analyzed on our Aladdin® risk management platform.
Spring 2021

Megatrends, not mega-risks

Thematic megatrends investments can help capture secular growth trends, but adding them to a more traditional portfolio characterized by size, style and geographic exposures can be tricky. We explore key questions to ask and key measurements to take.


The burning question on sustainability

ESG risks are investment risk. Both active and ETF managers are exploring different ways to assess an investment’s ESG impact and determine the alpha potential, if any, in that data. We believe overlaying ESG data, which is currently inefficiently utilized by market participants, provides alpha potential.


Advisor model risk continues its upward trend

Portfolio volatility continues to move higher. The average risk in advisor models is over 40% higher than one year ago. 2021 may turn out to be a good year for taking risk, but this much extra portfolio volatility may lead to some painful moments.

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