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Aladdin Accounting


Aladdin offers customized investment accounting services to a wide range of global financial institutions. As a leading technology platform - Aladdin provides one centralized database for trade, position, risk, performance and certain accounting information.

Aladdin Accounting provides flexible solutions to specific client needs, including:

  • Data management
  • Trade and custody operations
  • Derivative operations
  • Production of accounting reports in multiple bases (US GAAP, UK GAAP, IFRS, statutory, and tax)
  • Comprehensive custodian reconciliation and performance measurement

With Aladdin Accounting, clients gain the ability to scale with:

  • A highly automated exception-based process, including comprehensive reconciliation and extensive quality control.
  • Significant experience supporting custom and complex client requirements, leveraging experience and knowledge throughout the BlackRock organization

Middle office outsourcing & Aladdin

Aladdin works in partnership with separate roles/responsibilities to provide:

  • Increased transparency and reduced operational risk through a single, consistent integrated platform
  • A High level of client service with a coordination of support

Accounting & Aladdin Risk

One source of data for risk reporting, performance and accounting. Aladdin Accounting and Aladdin Risk:

  • Facilitate the rapid growth of client's multi-manager investment portfolio
  • Provide a comprehensive suite of reports that include risk and accounting information
  • Measure performance to gauge added value of external managers
What is Aladdin?
More than a portfolio management tool or asset management software, Aladdin is an end-to-end solution for investment professionals. Aladdin provides consistent, actionable data at every point in the investment process.
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