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Sustainability goes mainstream

BlackRock recently surveyed clients around the world, representing US$25 trillion in assets under management, to understand the shift towards sustainable assets and how the pandemic may affect it. Our findings were clear: The tectonic shift towards sustainable investing is accelerating.
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Helping our clients invest sustainably
Our survey revealed that sustainability considerations are increasingly becoming a central aspect of our clients’ investment approaches. Read our update on our 2020 sustainability progress.
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Welcome to BlackRock

At BlackRock, the institutions we serve – from foundations to large pension schemes – collectively serve hundreds of millions of individuals around the world. That’s why we work alongside them as they contribute to the financial futures of the people who depend on them.

Hear the latest insights from Rick Rieder at the BlackRock Future Forum

At the BlackRock Future Forum, Rick Rieder shares his insights on how the election may impact financial markets, where he sees the best opportunities to generate yield today, and why he believes that economic growth will be better than expected next year.

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    Global Insurance Report 2020

    20-Oct-2020 | By BlackRock
    360 senior insurance executives across the globe share their insights into how the pandemic is fundamentally reshaping the industry and their investment approach in BlackRock's ninth annual global insurance survey.
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    The evolution of private equity

    23-Oct-2020 | By BlackRock
    We explore the historical evolution and outperformance of private equity over the last four decades and the outlook for the next decade.
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    Winds of change: How to invest in renewables today

    21-Jul-2020 | By BlackRock
    The coronavirus shock is accelerating structural and portfolio trends in favor of renewables, with portfolio resilience stemming from three key features.
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