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Why BlackRock for real estate?

We believe successful investing requires a local market presence with the operational and analytical expertise to buy, manage and sell real estate assets. BlackRock Real Estate’s breadth, expertise and solutions approach are critical to achieving this objective.

Deep local knowledge that drives global investment strategy
Investment experience spanning multiple decades
Customized real estate investment programs across strategies and risk/return profiles

Successful real estate investors adapt to both temporary and long-term changes in the marketplace. And right now, we have plenty of those. In the near-term, we expect dislocation and opportunity, yet there is greater dispersion between markets and sectors with logistics of storage, high-quality residential, and data centers having emerged as clear winners, while hotel, retail, and student housing will likely face a longer road to recovery.

Over the longer term, we are seeing an acceleration of pre-existing trends, like the growth of e-commerce, and increased need for data storage, and even more focus on ESG. Yet it's too early to tell all the long-term impacts, and many questions remain, like, what will the office of the future look like, or, will urbanization continue? In the meantime, asset management will be key, with property owners innovating and implementing new technologies and procedures to ensure buildings are safe and resilient. In this environment, investors need to be nimble, but they need to be disciplined and have conviction in their asset selection. Those investors who can adapt to these temporary and long-term changes in the marketplace will be successful.


Research themes: Today's change, tomorrow's opportunity

Real Estate Now: our research views on impact of Covid-19. While much of what we are experiencing is temporary, time will tell which asset owners can manage through this time. Investors who are well positioned can potentially capitalize on dislocation. 

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Identifying value across the four quadrants of real estate

BlackRock’s four quadrant real estate solution

Investing across strategies and major property types

Property types include retail, apartments, office buildings, hotels, student housing and logistics parks.

Meet our real estate team

Anne Valentine Andrews
Global Head, BlackRock Alternatives Infrastructure and Real Estate
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