Fixed income strategies

BlackRock offers a broad spectrum of fixed income and credit strategies that apply a disciplined investment and risk management process. A global platform underpins our fixed income trading and risk management, enhancing execution and reducing operational risks. Our proprietary technology, analytics and research resources help us constantly improve our portfolio management and trading strategies.

Our fixed income solutions cover:

  • BlackRock’s active fixed income strategies stretch across a range of investment styles and segments of the fixed income universe, including emerging markets debt, corporate credit, sovereign bonds and loans. Our portfolios employ an investment process which is research driven and blends disciplined portfolio construction with regular risk and performance review. Our professionals identify unrecognised value in the fixed income markets through rigorous proprietary fundamental research that balances bottom-up research analysis with top-down investment themes. The investment decisions are made based on issuer and security selection, sector rotation, duration and yield curve strategies and currency strategies. In Australia, BlackRock has expertise to offer clients access to the full range of fixed income opportunities through its locally based team.

    BlackRock also features a model-integrated approach to active fixed income that combines the insights of our people with a quantitative research platform to generate high quality alpha across fixed income asset classes. The distinguishing feature of BlackRock's fixed income investment management style is the ability to generate alpha within a risk-managed framework. Real-time analysis of a vast array of risk measures allows assessment of the potential impact of various strategies on total return.

  • BlackRock’s index strategies seek to closely track the returns of a corresponding index, generally by investing in substantially the same underlying securities within the index or in a subset of those securities selected to approximate a similar risk and return profile of the index. BlackRock offers Beta fixed income across the debt universe and our iShares business also provides access to global bond markets.  Find out more about iShares

    We are an experienced and innovative provider of index strategies like pioneering synthetic beta solutions to support alpha/beta separation. Our full spectrum of global index products can provide efficient, cost-effective exposure to specific market segments.

Reasons to partner with BlackRock for fixed income:

  • Breadth of insights: We have a team of more than 400 fixed income professionals, providing extensive global coverage of global bond markets. With 21 primary investment centres worldwide, our investment teams also benefit from a firm-wide, collaborative investment culture that promotes information sharing across asset classes and regions. Our active investment and research professionals have an average of 20 years of industry experience.
  • Robust operating platform: A platform with highly integrated global trading and portfolio management capabilities and strong in-house research capabilities underpins all fixed income investment activities, enhancing execution quality and reducing operational risk.
  • Trading expertise: In an environment of reduced liquidity our capital market teams work with investment banks to source fixed income securities directly from issuers. This meets client needs for new issues, allows customisation and produces intelligence on trends. Global trading capabilities also provide access to opportunities and liquidity that can result in cost efficiencies.

BlackRock refers to the BlackRock Group's capability, unless otherwise indicated.