Equity strategies

BlackRock's equity solutions are built upon a legacy of innovation and a commitment to risk management. We believe our combination of talented and experienced investment professionals, a global investment platform and outstanding research and analytics creates a truly compelling proposition for investors. 

Our equity solutions cover:

  • BlackRock has pioneered systematic active equity (SAE) investment solutions since 1985. Our investment philosophy is based on an internally developed, model-driven investment approach that aims to balance risk, return and cost while seeking consistent outperformance versus a benchmark. We use technology to systematically apply our investment insights in a risk controlled framework, with the goal of maximising alpha for a given level of risk. 

  • Our Fundamental Equity team actively manages portfolios, built on the foundations of proprietary fundamental research, with a goal of delivering outperformance to clients in line with their investment objectives. We offer access to the opportunities, information and resources available to a global asset manager combined with the agility of autonomous investment teams.

    Our teams make their own investment decisions within a prescribed framework, aligned with the firm's rigorous risk management practices. Each team invests according to its unique philosophy, process and style and has a high level of discretion to allocate across regions and countries (where applicable), industries and individual stocks. Our fundamental strategies seek to identify and exploit market inefficiencies in the pursuit of alpha. They include: Global, Regional, US Equity and Sector-Specific approaches.

  • We pioneered the first index fund in 1971 and have continued to innovate as markets and client needs evolve. We were the first company to offer clients the opportunity to invest in developed markets equity, emerging markets and frontier markets index strategies. Our platform provides clients with the ultimate toolkit to meet their highly individualised and evolving indexing needs and enables us to create bespoke investment options quickly from our extensive and growing catalogue of solutions.

    BlackRock’s iShares business offers the world’s largest family of professional quality exchange-traded funds.

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Four reasons to partner with BlackRock for your equity needs:

  • Global Perspective: More than 70 offices in 27 countries covering the world's financial markets, with significant presence in London, New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo. In each of these locations, we leverage global trading execution and market insight coupled with local presence and expertise.
  • Autonomous Teams, Access to Superior Information: Equity investment professionals work with specialists across geographies in other asset classes such as natural resources, corporate debt and foreign exchange to inform their decision-making process and access opportunities, research and resources only available to a global asset manager.
  • Corporate Engagement: BlackRock is a shareholder in thousands of companies globally. Our investment teams engage with company management on a regular basis. We also have teams dedicated to communicating with management or board members on corporate governance issues, enabling us to develop superior investment insights and a broader perspective across the capital structure. We are actively committed to defending the interests of our clients through regular, robust engagement with the companies in which we invest.
  • Scale and Scope: We have the capability and flexibility to implement custom index equity solutions, and can provide efficient, cost-effective exposure to specific market segments through our full spectrum of global index products.

BlackRock refers to the BlackRock Group's capability, unless otherwise indicated.