BlackRock Solutions

Companies, organisations, and global governments come to BlackRock for unbiased advice on complex capital market exposures, help developing investment strategies and comprehensive investment management technology, all anchored by our core expertise in understanding and managing risk.

Our investment and risk management services are delivered primarily through BlackRock Solutions® (BRS), which serves as the analytical core of the firm. The BRS team leverages our global reach, unique risk analytics capabilities and capital markets insights to deliver unbiased advice and expertise to companies, organisations and public institutions. BlackRock Solutions also provides Aladdin®, our fully-integrated investment management technology platform.

  • Aladdin®, our unique fully integrated enterprise investment solution, combines risk analytics with portfolio management, trading and operations tools to support a consistent, efficient and controlled investment process. BlackRock developed Aladdin to manage the firm’s own investment processes and was soon fielding requests from large institutional clients for access to its unique tools. We now provide Aladdin to more than 150 clients.

  • BlackRock’s Financial Markets Advisory practice (FMA) delivers tailored, unbiased advice to governments and private institutions worldwide. FMA provides guidance in valuing and managing complex portfolios and exposures, help in developing action strategies, advice on disposition of distressed assets and other services.

    In addition to working with many companies and institutions, FMA is frequently called upon by global governments and central banks facing complex financial challenges, including recently the United States Treasury, Her Majesty's Treasury (United Kingdom), the Bank of Greece and the Central Bank of Ireland.