Introducing iShares and ETFs

iShares is the leading force in global exchange-traded funds (ETFs), with over $1tn* invested in 716 ETPs and 37.8% of the world's total ETF assets under management are invested in iShares funds.

An iShares ETF combines the diversification benefits of an index mutual fund with the trading convenience of a share. iShares funds are traded on-exchange and the funds aim to match the performance of a specified market index.

The company responsible for iShares ETFs is BlackRock which created the first world’s first index strategy more than 30 years ago. BlackRock is the largest asset manager in the world, with a proven track record in developing index-linked strategies aimed at maximising investor returns over the long term.

iShares have revolutionised the investment landscape, with their easy tradability and ample liquidity, allowing investors to harness the diversification benefits of investing in an entire index in a single fund. In addition, the transparency of iShares funds has struck a chord with investors keen to know exactly how their investments are performing on a daily basis.

What are Exchange Traded
Funds (ETFs)?

The aim of an ETF is to track the performance of a specified index (like the FTSE 100) and to provide you with the same return as that index, less fees.

As a fund, your ETF investment gives you access to a portfolio of companies (shares), bonds or other asset types. Like a share, an ETF is bought and sold on a stock exchange. Consequently, ETFs offer you the best of both worlds – the diversification of an investment fund, with the easy tradability of a share.

Global ETP Assets and Number of ETPs by Year*

Global ETP Assets and Number of ETPs by Year

*Source: BlackRock, data as at end February 2015 

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