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Aladdin in The Nordics


Our Nordic footprint— serving the region with on-the-ground collaboration and support for over two decades—continues to provide a common language throughout organizations and across their whole portfolio—through our tech platform, Aladdin. Our market practitioners have continuously refined and innovated our solutions in collaboration with (and for) BlackRock and other asset managers as well as asset owners, insurance companies, and central banks—in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and beyond.
Welcome to Aladdin stambord—Aladdin’s main table in the Nordics
Leverage our expertise, scale, and institutional-grade infrastructure to:
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Expand into new asset classes and regions
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Manage your whole portfolio across public and private assets
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Quantify climate standards and ESG opportunities
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Manage risk
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At BlackRock, clients have always been at the center of our mission. With pervasive volatility, we’re seeing more clients turn to technology as a means to help them navigate market uncertainty. They are also seeking new tools to better understand and analyze risks and opportunities connected to sustainability factors such as the consequences of global warming. We are unwaveringly committed to remaining close to them—whatever their investment management journey may be—and providing a unified technology platform that accelerates their growth and enables scale.

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Elisabeth Sterner Elisabeth Sterner, Managing Director Head of the Nordic region for BlackRock


Learn how to unify your whole portfolio, strengthen ESG priorities, and underpin your entire investment process with a unified investment management platform. Watch the fireside chat with Elisabeth Sterner, Head of the Nordic region for BlackRock, and Melissa Ferraz, Head of eFront Insight.

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Across the Nordics, we’re seeing new attention paid to alternative investments, a higher demand for actionable data combined with more powerful analytics, and a need for a holistic understanding of portfolios across public and private assets. However, ESG—as both a lens and a focus—in the region certainly takes the cake, and we’ve developed unique solutions across the Aladdin technology platform (inclusive of eFront) to address growing (and evolving) ESG priorities.

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Carsten Svenningsen headshot Carsten Svenningsen, Vice President BlackRock in Copenhagen

ESG Opportunities & Risks in Private Markets

We are in the midst of one of the largest, and most important, social movements in our civilization’s history. It’s a movement that involves not only individuals at the local level but the totality of our global community—people, everywhere, dedicated to preserving their natural environment and the ecosystems on which this planet is sustained.
Melissa Ferraz, Managing Director, Global Head of Aladdin Alternatives
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eFront has enabled us to do more advanced reporting in terms of transparency of our investments, but it also has improved our way of dealing with data collection.

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Joakim Andersen, Senior Analyst Velliv

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