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Generating retirement income. For life.

People want help with retirement income, yet many have deeply ingrained biases against income products. Successful retirement solutions need to use behavioral finance, technology and plan design to create a new culture in retirement plans focused on spending.

Why BlackRock for retirement income solutions

BlackRock offers a range of solutions designed to provide simplified access to lifetime income throughout retirement. Our strategies seek to provide a stable source of income alongside education on how to spend from portfolios to help meet individuals' retirement spending needs. Three key strengths underpin BlackRock’s retirement income solutions.
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Investment capabilities
Our solutions seek to provide participants with access to a consistent source of income for life.
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Cutting edge tools & resources
Our innovative decumulation tools and resources can help inform and deliver outcome-oriented insights.
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Industry-leading insights
Our team researches investments, behavioral finance, technology and plan design to drive future innovation.

Learn more about retirement income solutions

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Putting a plan in action

As the transition into retirement nears, consider how to spend your savings in retirement, while making it last.

Latest retirement income insights

BlackRock Savings Summit
At the recent BlackRock Savings Summit, we brought together some of the world’s leading thinkers and decision makers on financial health, tech, and policy to discuss how we could build a more inclusive and secure savings system in this country.
Saving Summit

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