Stuart Spodek

Stuart Spodek

Managing Director, The BlackRock Obsidian Fund

Stuart Spodek, Managing Director, is the lead portfolio manager of The BlackRock Obsidian Fund, a global fixed income multi-strategy hedge fund. He is responsible for the Fund's overall risk budgeting and sector allocation decisions. He is also a member of the Americas Fixed Income Executive Team.


Mr. Spodek has been a senior portfolio manager on the Obsidian Fund since its inception in 1996 and assumed the role of lead portfolio manager at the end of 2007. Prior to the end of 2011 he was also the head of Short Duration Portfolios. Mr. Spodek joined BlackRock in 1993 as an analyst in BlackRock's Portfolio Management Group and became a portfolio manager in 1995. During his tenure at BlackRock, Mr. Spodek has held portfolio management responsibilities across fixed income sectors, managing short duration, long duration, mortgage, inflation-linked, global bond and multi-sector portfolios for clients. He also served as the co-head US Fixed Income within the Fundamental Fixed Income Platform.


From 2010 to 2012, Mr. Spodek was on the Board of Directors of ISDA, which represents participants in the privately negotiated derivatives industry. In 2011, he became a member of the Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee (TBAC). He co-authored "Inflation-Linked Bonds for the Total-Return Investor," a chapter within Inflation Risks and Products (Inclusive Media, 2008).


Mr. Spodek serves as a member of the board for the New York City "I Have a Dream" Foundation. He earned a BS degree in engineering from Princeton University in 1993.