High Yield

A second look reveals solid fundamentals.

Why High Yield?

One of the highest-yielding sectors in the fixed income universe is high yield bonds, which offer attractive potential for income as part of a diversified portfolio. Furthermore, high yield has historically outperformed other fixed income assets in periods of rising interest rates.

Corporate fundamentals have been supportive of high yield as solid earnings have allowed companies to reduce borrowing levels and maintain comfortable levels of interest coverage. The low interest rate environment has enabled many to refinance their debt at very low borrowing costs and with long payment horizons.

Reasons to consider High Yield

1BlackRock 26/05/16: Avg YTM 5.82% As measured by the Markit iBoxx Global Developed High Yield Capped Index.
2BlackRock 30/06/15: As measured by the J.P. Morgan Global High Yield Index 1987- 30 June 2015. 
3BlackRock 30/06/15: High yield (as represented by Barclays Capital US High Yield Index), has outperformed Treasuries (as represented by Barclays Capital US Treasury Index) and Bank Loans (as represented by “S&P Leveraged Loan Index)

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