Emerging Market Debt

The changing face of bonds.

Why Emerging Market Debt (EMD)?

Emerging market debt currently provides some of the highest yields in the fixed income universe: higher than similarly-rated corporate debt in developed economies. U.S. dollar-denominated EMD, for example, yields well above 6 % despite being around two-thirds investment grade-rated.1

Credit quality has improved over the last decade and is converging with that in developed economies. In June 2005, 40% of EMD was rated investment grade, whereas 60% was rated high yield. A decade on in June 2015, nearly two-thirds of EMD is now classified as investment grade, with only one third rated as high yield.1

Reasons to consider Emerging Market Debt

1BlackRock 26/05/16: Weighted Avg YTM 5.51%. As measured by the J.P. Morgan EMBI Global Core Index. 
2Thomson Reuters Datastream, International Monetary Fund and BlackRock Investment Institute data 06/07/15.

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