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Thriving in the new private market landscape

Identifying opportunities in Australia’s revised investment landscape

BlackRock Alternatives are proud to work with Preqin and the Australian Investment Council on the 2022 edition of their annual Australian Private Capital Market Yearbook. The report tracks activity in the Australian private capital industry combining data and on-the-ground information collected by both Preqin and the Australian Investment Council. This year, we are delighted to share our insights on how we believe Australian investors can thrive across private markets.

In our article, Hamish MacDonald, share 3 key messages:

  1. An unconventional & staggered rebound, shaped by the pandemic, climate change action & higher inflation is revising Australia’s investment landscape
  2. This revised landscape is widening the gap between the winners (logistics & transition finance) and losers (fossil fuels and offices retail)
  3. Deep knowledge of target markets and policies are vital to thrive in this new market environment

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Hamish MacDonald
Managing Director and Head of Investments, Real Estate, APAC