Our mission

Our goals are to help our portfolio managers become even better investors and to produce thought-provoking investment insights for clients and policymakers. We provide connectivity between our portfolio managers; originate research on markets, economics, portfolio construction and cross-asset themes such as geopolitics; develop investment views on behalf of BlackRock; and publish insights in publications and data visuals.

Our team

We launched BII in 2011 to leverage BlackRock’s expertise in markets, asset classes, geographies and client segments. BII is led by Global Chief Investment Strategist Richard Turnill, chaired by Thomas Donilon, and overseen by BlackRock Vice Chairman Philipp Hildebrand. BII works in service of two key stakeholder groups:

1. Our portfolio managers

We keep our investment professionals connected and informed by convening internal forums, workshops and calls. These investment debates enable our fund managers to challenge each other’s thinking, share insights and generate new investment ideas. BII’s global investment strategy team and its economic and markets research team work with the firm's portfolio managers to develop investment views. They also support investment teams with original research. Richard Turnill leads the global investment strategy team, Jean Boivin is global head of research, and Elga Bartsch heads Economic and Markets Research. 

2. Our clients

Chief strategists Richard Turnill (global), Kate Moore (equities) and Isabelle Mateos y Lago (multi asset) work with portfolio managers to identify key market trends within each asset class. The global team develops actionable views to drive the creation of market and investment insights for our clients and client-facing professionals. The team has representatives in key markets in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

BII’s publishing team, headed by Jack Reerink, captures the highlights of portfolio manager debates and investment strategy views in internal summaries, client publications and data visuals.