Defined benefit schemes

Low interest rates, uncertain economic growth and volatile markets continue to present challenges for UK defined benefit (DB) schemes. Faced with the potentially conflicting challenges of generating asset growth while managing liability risk, trustees and scheme sponsors need a well-resourced partner to offer clear, unbiased guidance and investment excellence.


Why choose BlackRock?

Investment breadth and expertise

At BlackRock, we have a long history of managing the assets of UK pension schemes. This experience, combined with a large and growing client base, provides us with deep understanding of the issues faced by DB schemes today. In addition, our position in the industry means that we can see and assess the whole range of investment approaches from disparate trustee groups, consultants and other advisors.

Combined with our unrivalled market knowledge, the resulting insights mean that our clients are better placed to grow their assets and protect their funding positions.

We offer the broadest range of investment strategies and guidance designed to help DB schemes achieve their objectives. Our client mandates range from single asset classes, managed either actively or passively, to Multi-Asset products, alternatives, complex LDI solutions and fiduciary appointments.

We believe that the best results can be achieved by blending the art of investing with the science of investing.

Rigorous risk management

In an increasingly complex investment environment, our world-renowned Aladdin platform is designed to shed light on all aspects of risk. It combines sophisticated risk analytics with comprehensive portfolio management, trading and operations tools on a single operating system. This seamless integration results in multiple benefits, including informed decision making, effective risk management, efficient trading and operational scale.

We believe that risk is best managed by understanding the true drivers of asset class behaviour.

A trusted partner

We take our responsibilities as a manager of pension scheme assets very seriously and seek to demonstrate that in everything we do. In partnership with our clients, we design approaches that reflect their objectives, and invest their assets securely and transparently to ensure those goals are achieved.

Our conversations with clients and thought pieces cover every relevant topic: from strategic market insight through Secure Income investing; from fixed income management in the current environment to the complexities of LDI implementation.

We believe that challenging accepted wisdom as part of our duty to our clients.