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Systematic Equities

Our systematic equity team invests using big data, scientific analysis and human expertise to seek differentiated portfolio outcomes. New information is constantly being created. We believe our cutting-edge technology and analytics help uncover investment insights faster, at greater scale and with more granularity than traditional methods.

Benefits of a systematic approach

Alternative data
Alternative data goes beyond information included in financial statements. It provides the potential to uncover investment opportunities before they’re priced into markets.
Risk management
In our view, robust risk management is essential to generating consistent returns. Systematic tools and analysis help to continuously manage and navigate evolving risks.
Systematic process
A systematic approach can transform a sea of raw data into actionable insights. We use cutting-edge technology to scale our analysis and implementation techniques.
Engineered for outcomes
Designed to deliver differentiated return profiles and diversification benefits, systematic equity strategies may complement existing portfolios and enhance outcomes.

On-screen question: How do you maintain an alpha edge in markets?

Simply put, deep human expertise and cutting-edge technology.

We live in an increasingly digital world. When you look at all the data available, 90% of it has been generated over the last two years. [Source: Dihuni, data as of April 10 2020]

This is everything from wi-fi beacons to credit card purchases, to online activities.

While a single data point might not be interesting, in aggregate, it starts to tell a story.

We utilize diverse market expertise and data-driven investment process to separate potentially valuable signals from the noise. This leads to potentially innovative insights that seek to forecast trends and help make active moves ahead of the pack.

We believe that better and more differentiated investment insights from new data and new techniques are becoming necessary conditions for investment success.

Jeff Shen, PhD
Co-Chief Investment Officer
Co-Head of Systematic Equity

Our investment philosophy

Our mission is to deliver consistent, differentiated, alpha. Sourcing alpha opportunities has always required an investment edge–which is becoming more difficult to achieve and maintain in a hyper-informed world.

We believe staying ahead requires three key characteristics:

Image of infra
Think differently

Seek insights not yet reflected in markets

Evolve continuously

Maintain an information edge as insights decay

Remain relevant

Constantly reflect the current opportunity set

Robust human expertise

Our approach to systematic investing goes beyond data and technology. Human intellect is central to investment decision-making. Just as our process has evolved over time, so has the human expertise involved in these efforts. This multi-disciplinary foundation is seen as a key source of strength and differentiation.

Systematic investing

Systematic investing is an investment approach that emphasizes data-driven insights, scientific testing, and disciplined portfolio construction techniques to seek varied portfolio outcomes.
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Raffaele Savi
Global Head of Systematic and Co-CIO and Co-Head of Systematic Equity
Jeff Shen, PhD
Co-CIO and Co-Head of Systematic Equity

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