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Cash Management

Over multiple interest rate cycles and varying market conditions, BlackRock has managed cash portfolios for corporations, banks, foundations, endowments, insurance companies, pensions and family offices.

Why BlackRock for cash management?

Today, we are one of the largest cash management providers in the world, managing over USD 712 billion1 liquidity assets across multiple currencies. With an experienced team, BlackRock offers clients an investment approach that has been tested through multiple economic cycles and a variety of solutions, designed to meet the needs of today’s cash investor. Combining innovation with expertise, BlackRock sets out to go beyond the typical, the normal, the expected.

When you partner with BlackRock Cash Management, you get:

A platform at scale to manage large cash flows
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Environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations
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The power of technology to streamline daily activities

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A broad range of investment strategies

BlackRock considers cash management a unique investment discipline, requiring a distinct skill set for effective management. Our investment strategy is simple: we seek to provide safety, liquidity, and yield, in that order.

  • Money market strategies: Our liquidity strategies are specifically designed to meet the cash management needs of institutional investors. Our mutual funds invest in high quality short-term securities and are designed to meet certain accounting guidelines, allowing our investors to benefit from diversification, liquidity, and operational ease.
  • Separate accounts: We believe separate account strategies should be as unique as our clients themselves. Together, we work with our separate account clients to build portfolios that are designed to meet their company’s objectives. We consider our client’s investment goals, guidelines, risk tolerance, currency requirements and cash flow needs. Clients select us, not only for our expertise and flexibility, but for our creativity in tackling business challenges.
  • Additional investment solutions: For clients looking beyond money market strategies, we have the breadth and depth of BlackRock to offer. We have strategies for investing core and strategic cash assets through commingled vehicles and separate accounts. We offer these solutions through many types of investment products and a range of solutions in multiple currencies, available to qualified investors.

What does ESG integration mean for cash?

At BlackRock, we define ESG integration as the practice of incorporating environmental, social, and governance information into investment decisions to enhance risk-adjusted returns.

BlackRock’s cash management team is pioneering an approach to ESG integration within cash portfolios. We are piloting a proprietary framework for evaluating and incorporating ESG risk metrics into our core functions with three primary goals.

    • Evaluating the best resources, data, and tools available to highlight ESG insights for our given investment universe.
    • Introducing these ESG metrics into the assessment of a prospective investment to the extent it promotes a more informed investor view and can help mitigate downside risk in a cash portfolio.
    • Defining exactly where and how material sustainability insights are integrated into the team’s investment process.
    • Creating or enhancing tools and templates to better analyze these ESG criteria in research and due diligence, seeking to optimize our ability to properly price risk.
    • Understanding investor needs and priorities and seeking to deliver cash-specific investment options that align to their ESG priorities. Thus, we have developed an ESG-focused solution that puts our proprietary framework into action and makes tangible impacts in our environment.

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