Sustainable Investing

Sustainable investing incorporates environment, social, and governance (ESG) considerations into traditional investment strategies as a means to achieve long-term investment goals.

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Sustainable investing combines the best of traditional investing approaches with environmental, social and governance (ESG) insights, to generate better financial and purpose-driven long-term outcomes for investors.

Sustainable investing has evolved over time and investors now have many options to choose from depending upon their investment and sustainability goals.

At BlackRock we offer products in four different categories:

Exclusionary Screens, where we eliminate exposures to companies or sectors that pose certain risks or violate investor's values, like exposure to thermal coal, tobacco or weapons.
ESG Broad, where we evaluate companies based on their environmental, social and governance business practices to identify risks and opportunities and create portfolios with superior ESG characteristics than traditional investment exposures** *ESG Thematic, with a f*ocus on a particular environmental, social or governance issue, for example on clean energy or on inclusion and diversity.
Impact, where we seek to achieve a measurable sustainable outcome alongside a financial return. Impact strategies must report in alignment with UN Sustainable Development goals and have a measurable impact for each dollar invested.

At BlackRock, it is our goal to ensure every investor has access to sustainable investments at costs similar to those of traditional investments. It is our conviction that in the future, sustainability will become the new standard for investing.

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