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Investor Pulse

Welcome to the 5th edition of BlackRock’s Global Investor Pulse survey, one of the largest studies of investor behavior in the world. Taking in the views of 28,000 people across 18 countries, Investor Pulse reveals what people aged 25-74 think and feel about their financial future.





Positivity and confidence have both decreased since last year. Paying for health care and the cost of living are key areas of concern, but Americans feel retirement planning is the most relevant financial topic discussed in the media.
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Even though saving for retirement is very important to Americans, 4 in 10 have not started saving yet. Plus, more than half of Americans think they either aren’t on track to reach their retirement income goals or are unsure where they stand.
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Stepping out of cash

One step many Americans can take to reach their financial goals is to put money to work in the market. Unfortunately, on average they hold most of their investible assets in cash. This year’s findings, however, give us newfound hope.
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The role of advisors

71% of Americans who use financial advisors are highly satisfied with their financial advisors. But both benefit from conversations around risk. How well an advisor aligns recommendations with an investor’s risk profile is a strong predictor of satisfaction.
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Technology also plays an increasing role in helping people reach their long-term goals. People who use technology to monitor investments feel far more confident and are very likely to take action to improve their financial future.
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Getting to know you, investor
BlackRock President Rob Kapito shares learnings from our Global Investor Pulse Survey.
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