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Coupa Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • BlackRock’s Supplier Code of Conduct & Ethics outlines the minimum expectations and standards for all BlackRock Suppliers in relation to human rights, inclusion and diversity, environmental sustainability, integrity and ethics in management practices. In order to do business with BlackRock, suppliers are required to go undergo a thorough financial, operational, risk and contract diligence process by providing details on their control environment and other information needed.

  • If the need arises for your services and/or products, BlackRock will reach out to participate in a tendering event. If chosen as a vendor, you will go through 8 steps: Onboarding, Financial, Risk & Operational Diligence, Contract Negotiations & Reviews, Internal Approvals, Contract Signatures, Purchase Order, Invoicing and Payment.

    • Receive and view contracts & purchase orders
    • Create, view, and submit invoices
    • Create and manage customer-specific electronic catalogs
    • Manage your public and customer-specific company profiles and remit-to information
    • Check the status of transactions with your customers such as BlackRock
  • Coupa doesn’t charge suppliers to use the CSP.

  • Invitations from BlackRock are on a case by case basis whereas if the need arises for your particular service and/or product, we will reach out.

  • To cancel your CSP account with BlackRock, please reach out to the BlackRock employee you’ve been working with. They will able to aid in the next steps.

  • Please see the Enable or Disable Two-Factor Authentication from Coupa’s website.

  • Contact Coupa’s Support team by following this link:

  • Check your spam/junk folder. Also confirm your organization is not blocking messages from or

  • Forgotten passwords can be retrieved via the forgotten password link on the CSP. Why don't I get the password reset emails? Check your spam/junk email folder. E-mails sometimes get flagged as spam. If you still cannot find the email, write to

    • In order to see BlackRock as a client in the Profile Tab, you need to have received an invitation from BlackRock to Coupa (by email). If you haven’t, please contact the BlackRock employee you’re working with.
    • If you provide BlackRock with the same email address you use to connect to your other Coupa customer(s) via the CSP, BlackRock will send you an invitation to that e-mail to join. Once you confirm the new connection request, you are automatically connected to BlackRock and your previous customers within the CSP.
    • Go to the Profile tab and follow the instructions under ‘Creating an Account with BlackRock on Coupa’.
    • Alternatively, log into the CSP, go to Notifications, click on ‘Update your profile for BlackRock’ and fill out the form. Click Submit for Approval. If you want to save a draft now and continue to work on the form later, click on Save instead.
  • If BlackRock has not received it,  the form was not completed in its entirety. Please follow the instructions under ‘Creating an Account with BlackRock on Coupa’.

  • You will be unable to edit or delete an invoice that has already been submitted to BlackRock. Please contact to Dispute the invoice back to you. You will then be able to resubmit it. Details on how to edit a draft invoice can be found through Create or Edit an Invoice page in

  • The CSP has a comment function where you, the supplier, in addition to BlackRock, can add comments to purchase orders, invoices and catalogues. The comment section can be found by scrolling down to the bottom of all of these respective pages within the CSP.

  • Yes, please contact Account Payables or the BlackRock employee you’re working with for more information.

  • Visit the View and Manage Invoices page on