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Aligning strategy and purpose to drive performance

By helping clients achieve their long-term goals, inspiring our employees and supporting communities, we are better positioned to generate long-term, durable profits for our shareholders and have a positive impact on society.

Similar to our clients, many of our shareholders are people saving for retirement, buying homes and starting businesses. Living our purpose includes consistently growing our business and delivering long-term returns so our shareholders can meet their own goals.

It also includes being transparent to all our stakeholders and providing information that holds us accountable to ourselves and others. In addition to financial disclosure, BlackRock is committed to providing meaningful sustainability disclosure because we believe that effective disclosure can lead to real change in how our own company is managed for the benefit of all stakeholders. In 2020, we published our inaugural Sustainability Accounting Standards Board and Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures reports and we will continue to work to meet the same standards of transparency that we ask of the companies our clients are invested in.

We believe the stability of our financial results and our commitment to investing in our business positions us to generate value for shareholders, better help millions of people invest to build savings, make investing easier and more affordable, advance sustainable investing and contribute to a more resilient economy.

Retire boat
$4 million
shares of BlackRock’s stock are held directly by pension funds on behalf of employees saving for retirement1
$2 million
shares of BlackRock’s stock are held by sustainability-focused funds2
total return of BlackRock’s stock over the past 10 years3
Econ growth
$3.8 billion
returned to shareholders after investing for growth in 20204

1 Source: Form 13F filings; Q4 Inc.
2 Source: Form 13F filings; Q4 Inc. Methodology for identifying sustainability-focused funds defined by BlackRock; Q4 Inc.
3 Data is reflective of 1/1/2011 – 12/31/2020. Past performance is not indicative of future results.
4 Source: BlackRock