Village Capital

We’re partnering with Village Capital, one of the world’s leading nonprofit accelerators for social enterprises, to support fintech startups.

Village Capital

Village Capital works across the globe, running programs to find, train and fund entrepreneurs seeking to address global problems with for-profit, scalable solutions. Since launching in 2009, Village Capital has served more than 600 enterprises through nearly 50 programs worldwide, and invested in 68 through a unique peer-selection methodology. Graduates have created over 10,800 jobs, served over 5 million customers, and raised over $165M in follow-on capital.

Village Capital organizes venture development around specific “problem statements” developed in coordination with policy makers, regional investors and later-stage entrepreneurs to guide program recruitment and create a strong peer community of entrepreneurs addressing different portions of a larger overall problem.

To date, BlackRock has helped fund two Village Capital programs around financial inclusion and financial technology in India (FinTech: India 2016) and Mexico (FinTech: Mexico 2016), in addition to providing extensive mentor support to participating entrepreneurs.

BlackRock understands the need for innovation; without the innovative client solutions we have introduced to Latin American markets over the past decade we would not be the leaders we are in the local asset management industry. But change in financial services has only just begun. We want to support new ideas, new ventures, because it’s the right thing to do and because it makes business sense.

— Armando Senra, Blackrock Head of the Latin America & Iberia Region

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