Living Goods

We’re supporting Living Goods, a social enterprise that empowers health entrepreneurs to deliver life-saving products to families in Sub-Sahara Africa who need it most.

Living Goods

Every year three million children die in Sub-Saharan Africamany of them from easily-treatable illnesses such like malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea. Living Goods seeks to change this by delivering affordable, personalized health care and services to families who need it most.

Founded in 2007, Living Goods recruits, trains, and manages teams of local men and women – known as Community Health Promoters - who go door to door teaching families how to improve their health, and selling life-saving treatments and products. These empowered entrepreneurs earn a small, motivating income by selling critical health products and supporting pregnant women, and children.

Today, Living Goods reaches 5,175,000 people across Uganda and Kenya with a 25 percent reduction in child mortality in the areas Living Goods Community Health Promoters serve.

Living Goods is a results driven and data obsessed social enterprise which make them a perfect fit for BlackRock. Their model is delivering real change in the communities they serve for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per person, per year and we look forward to helping them expand their reach throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

— Greg Levin, Vice President, BlackRock Corporate Philanthropy

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