We believe that financial security is key to long-term wellbeing, but for millions of people around the world it remains out of reach. Our goal is to partner with organizations that create access to better jobs and savings for people and families most in need. Locally, we support nonprofits making our communities stronger and more resilient. In times of crisis, we act through trusted partners to alleviate suffering and help rebuild.

Social Impact

We apply our rigorous approach and our belief in innovation and technology to fund initiatives that deliver outsized, long-term results for underserved individuals and communities.

Our corporate grants support nonprofits focused on:

  • Building Income: providing skills to underserved adults and working age youth for job opportunities that lead to increased income and 21st century careers
  • Building Assets: scaling interventions that build savings for near and long-term goals
  • Building Community: supporting nonprofits making communities where BlackRock operates stronger and more resilient

Some of Our Partners

Humanitarian and Disaster Relief

We recognize the magnitude of protracted humanitarian crises around the world and support trusted partners delivering aid and services on the ground. When disasters strike, we identify and fund effective organizations to help respond and rebuild.

Practicing Our Values

We care about giving back in places where we work and live and empower our employees to participate in multiple engagement programs tailored to their interests and skillsets.

BlackRock Gives

Our 19 employee-led BlackRock Gives committees award grants to local nonprofits, nominated by employees, twice a year and spearhead volunteering in their offices.

BlackRock Gives
Stronger Communities

Stronger Communities

Crowd-mapping to aid humanitarian efforts, re-packing for local food pantries, and mentoring social entrepreneurs are a few examples of how our employees give back. Through our team volunteering program, BlackRock matches every volunteer hour with $30.

Employee Giving

We support the causes our employees care about. Our Matching Gifts and Time programs match employees’ charitable donations and volunteer hours up to $5,000 a year.

Employee Giving