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The first step towards investing is learning the basics

A variety of hurdles keep people from taking control over their finances. Investment education helps you get closer to achieving your investment goals.

What are money market funds?

Everyone has a need for cash, but cash can mean different things to different people.

Go long on the short end

Every day investors evaluate fixed income, equity and alternative investment strategies for their portfolios. In addition to these strategies, we encourage investors to take a holistic approach to their cash and short duration investments.

Comparing bank deposits to money market funds

After a sustained period of rising interest rates, we've reached a juncture where rates are at their peak, often referred to as “Terminal Rates.” This, combined with events in the first quarter of 2023, further reinforces the value of diversification in cash investing.

What do terminal rates mean for cash management?

With expectations of central banks lowering rates this year, we see an opportunity for investors to actively manage their operational, core and strategic cash balances in an environment still rife with economic risks and uncertainty.

Spotlight on cash

Cash remains attractive amid a potential shift in rates. Money market funds will typically position their duration a little longer heading into a rate cut environment and will tend to outperform alternatives for overnight liquidity as a result.

Segregation of liability

This document provides information about the way in which the funds in BlackRock Liquidity Funds (the “Trust”) are held.