Separately managed accounts

Seeking to optimize your cash portfolio with a tailored solution.
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Unlike commingled mutual funds, separately managed accounts are segregated mandates comprised solely of one client’s assets. The investment strategy of the account is driven by the specific objectives and risk tolerances of the account owner, often dictated by their investment guidelines.

Many cash investors share the same objectives. How you get there can be driven by your unique circumstances.


To help determine the potential benefits of a separately managed account for your cash portfolio, consider the following questions:

    • Do you have defined liquidity needs for your cash? 
    • Do you need same day settlement?
    • Do you have gain/loss sensitivity?
    • Do you have a maximum weighted average maturity?
    • Do you have a stated benchmark? 
    • Do you have minimum credit quality requirements?
    • Do you have short- or long-term rating requirements?
    • Do you have an existing investment policy?
    • Do you want to avoid certain sectors?
    • Have you considered ESG in your investment strategy?
    • Do you have an ESG framework? 

Managed by our experts. Guided by your goals.

At BlackRock, we believe that cash management strategies are as unique as our clients themselves, and we work to find the optimal solution to meet your needs. By using a separately managed account, we are able to partner with you to deliver a solution that matches your investment objectives.

When partnering with BlackRock, you receive:



Key features


Scale, expertise, and client service

Over $694 billion in global liquidity assets under management and $158 billion comprising liquidity and short-term duration separate account mandates.1 Every separately managed account has a dedicated sales person, product strategist and portfolio manager to help ensure your needs are met.


Attractive fee schedule

Fees on BlackRock’s liquidity separate accounts start at 10 basis points for $50 million or more, compared to an average of 18 basis points for money market funds.2 With a blended tiered fee schedule approach, as balances grow, fees decrease.


Clearwater technology

Offered to clients at no additional cost, BlackRock’s liquidity separately managed accounts enjoy cutting edge reporting, accounting and reconciliation services through Clearwater Analytics. Clients receive on demand enhanced reporting, access to holdings, daily trading activity and industry leading accounting capabilities.

Want to know more?

If you are interested a separately managed account, please reach out to your relationship manager or contact us to learn more!