• Fund Structures As Systemic Risk Mitigants

    This ViewPoint examines and compares the structural features of several fund types across a wide range of jurisdictions and identifies a number of existing regulations that serve to mitigate “run risk” and protect investors.

  • Who Owns the Assets? A Closer Look at Bank Loans, High Yield Bonds and Emerging Markets Debt

    This ViewPoint examines the liquidity risk management practices of bank loans, high yield and emerging markets debt mutual funds. Our analysis of historical data over several market cycles and our experience in the markets shows that the concerns expressed by policy makers have not arisen in the past.

  • Corporate Bond Market Structure: The Time for Reform is Now

    This ViewPoint reviews how the corporate bond market is structured and identifies several issues with the current market structure for corporate bonds. The paper also provides recommendations for reform.

  • The Role of Technology Within Asset Management

    In this paper, we trace the role that investment technology plays throughout the asset management process, highlighting the fact that a core function of asset management technology is to support data management and information processing.

  • US Housing Finance Reform Progress Report: Evolution, Not Revolution

    This ViewPoint is the fifth in a series on housing finance policy. In this paper, we review the status of the housing market and a number of the legislative, regulatory, and policy initiatives underway.

  • BlackRock: Worldwide Leader in Asset Management

    This engagement review is intended to explain BlackRock’s overarching philosophy in relation to corporate governance and responsible investment and provide practical examples of our work in 2012. It is organized on a variety of overlapping themes, which provide a sense of the breadth and complexity of this aspect of BlackRock’s work on behalf of clients.

  • Who Owns the Assets? Developing a Better Understanding of the Flow of Assets and the Implications for Financial Regulation

    This paper explains the distinctions between asset owners, asset managers, and intermediaries and highlights the impact that post-financial crisis monetary policies and financial regulatory reforms have had on the investment decisions of asset owners. The paper also explores the current regulatory paradigm for funds to establish a framework for potential solutions and identifies several recommendations.

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