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The price of climate change

Global warming's impact on portfolios

Jul 14, 2016
By BlackRock

BII’s latest client publication captures debates between BlackRock investors, clients, consultants and industry players. It ties in with BlackRock’s growing presence in impact investing, and responds to increasing client demand for assessing climate risks in portfolios.

Highlights of the publication include:

  • The momentum behind mitigating risks of climate change is rising. The UN climate conference in Paris in December is set to produce country-specific commitments to cut emissions.
  • Rising regulatory risks are becoming key portfolio drivers. We detail how we use new data sets to help assess climate-related risks and identify potential return opportunities.
  • We discuss our approach to impact investing, our philosophy about environmental, social and governance factors, and the importance of engagement with corporate management teams.
  • We explain what the insurance industry can teach us, whether there is a climate risk premium, and who we think may be winners and losers across countries and industries