Ultra Short Bond Funds

In the current climate of low or negative interest rates globally, seeking liquidity whilst achieving enhanced yield returns isn’t easy. The combination of increased regulation in the sector and low or negative yields have put a high price on liquidity.

Segmenting your cash

We believe that the most effective liquidity strategies select a specific investment solution for each cash segment; Operational Cash, Core Cash and Strategic Cash. This process of segmenting, or laddering, your cash can help to navigate the new liquidity environment and strike the right balance between liquidity needs and potential return.

Core Cash has the ability to seek enhanced returns through its slightly longer investment horizon over operational cash balances that need daily liquidity.

How do Standard Variable Net Asset Value (VNAV) money market funds work?

Standard VNAV money market funds are structurally designed as an incremental step out of prime money market funds, Standard VNAVs offset a degree of liquidity in exchange for potentially enhanced returns, by extending duration and slightly broadening the credit guidelines.

BlackRock ICS Ultra Short Bond Funds (USBF)

The BlackRock ICS Ultra Short Bond Funds (USBF) are managed as part of our ICS Money Market Fund range and are defined by ESMA as Standard VNAV funds. This is a reflection of our safety first approach and in response to demand from clients for a low volatility, enhanced cash plus strategy to enable strategic portioning of cash.

To find out more about the funds, download the investment guidelines.

Key features of the BlackRock ICS Ultra Short Bond Funds

BlackRock ICS Ultra Short Bond Funds are offered in Euro, Sterling, and US Dollar currencies and offer these key features:
AAf rated
AAf rated
*AAf rated by Standard and Poor's (S&P) with a S1+ volatility rating and minimum short-term rating of A-2/P-2/F2
Low volatility
Low volatility
Seeks to enhance returns through a 3+ month investment horizon with low volatility of principal
T+1 access
T+1 access
Managed with high levels of liquidity, offering investors T+1 access

Why BlackRock Cash Management?

Risk Management
Our in house proprietary risk systems help us ensure all risks are appropriately scaled.
Our ability to accommodate investor flows - both large and small - and our access to market is a direct result of our scaled platform.
Our integrated technology helps us create bespoke client solutions and enables ease of access.

*The credit ratings were solicited and financed by BlackRock

A money market fund (MMF) is not a guaranteed investment vehicle. An investment in MMFs is different from an investment in deposits; the principal invested in an MMF is capable of fluctuation and the risk of loss of the principal is to be borne by the investor. The MMF does not rely on external support for guaranteeing the liquidity of the MMF or stabilizing the NAV per share.


Capital at risk. The value of investments and the income from them can fall as well as rise and are not guaranteed. You may not get back the amount originally invested. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of current or future results and should not be the sole factor of consideration when selecting a product or strategy.

Changes in the rates of exchange between currencies may cause the value of investments to diminish or increase. Fluctuation may be particularly marked in the case of a higher volatility fund and the value of an investment may fall suddenly and substantially. Levels and basis of taxation may change from time to time.

ICS Fund-Specific Risks

The indicator is based on historical data and may not be a reliable indication of the future risk profile of the Fund. The risk category shown is not guaranteed and may change over time. The lowest category does not mean risk free. The Fund is rated one due to the nature of its investments which include the risks listed below. These factors may impact the value of the Fund’s investments or expose the Fund to losses.

Counterparty Risk: The insolvency of any institutions providing services such as safekeeping of assets or acting as counterparty to derivatives or other instruments, may expose the Fund to financial loss.

Credit Risk: The issuer of a financial asset held within the Fund may not pay income or repay capital to the Fund when due.

Accumulating Share Class Risk (Accumulating and Accumulating T0 Share Classes): On any day where the net return (i.e. return less costs and expenses) of the Fund is negative an Accumulating Share Class of the fund will see a decrease in the NAV per Share.

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